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Fishing Boat Boat pillow tank storage bladders are an excellent way to contain and transport all types of liquids. An additional supply of potable water and fuel allows for extended range boating and boat racing and has often given commercial fishing crews the extra time they need to bring in the big catch.

Light weight and super tough, our pillow bladders are built with materials that are highly resistant to the extreme weather conditions and harsh elements common in the marine industry. In addition, they are puncture resistant - an important feature that adds a new level of safety to the task of containing and transporting liquids. And the best part is, the empty bladders are collapsible so they can easily be stored in small confined areas.

All pillow bladders come with a fill plate with cap, D-rings around the outside for strapping the bladder down and a one-year warranty. Optional PB-Drain Kit available with a variety of 1" fittings to set up either a male or female camlock with cap. Learn more about our pillow tanks
and features.

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To discuss marine pillow bag storage bladders or your custom racing fuel cell requirements and pricing, please call one of our highly qualified sales staff at 800-433-6524 or email us at

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